Appleseed Childcare Providers - Montague, PEI Childcare


7:00am – 5:30pm


187 Douses Road
Montague, PE
C0A 1R0

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A friendly, clean, and fun learning environment that promotes lifelong learning.

We believe that children are, by nature, curious and eager learners. We believe that young children learn best when they experience their environment first hand in play.

It is their direct experience in the world with the people, place, and objects at hand that spark their innate desire to find out, figure out or otherwise solve problems that present them through the course of everyday events.

Learning is not necessarily the ABCs and 123s.


We believe that children also need to learn honesty, respect, self-reliance, potential, self-discipline, moderation, the values of being dependable, love, sensitivity to others, kindness friendliness, fairness, and values of giving.

Appleseed believes in providing opportunities for our children to develop an understanding of self and others through developmentally appropriate activities, which encourages the development of physical, emotional, social skills and intellectual growth.

Appleseed provides a program both indoors and outdoors which fosters optimal growth and development through opportunities for exploration and learning while protecting and enhancing the health and safety of the children and teachers.


We believe in providing a program where parents and guardians are kept well informed about daily events at all times and are encouraged to be both observers and participants in their child’s development.

Our staff are caring and knowledgeable of children’s developmental stages and are devoted to meeting the needs of the children while promoting physical, social, emotional and cognitive development.

Appleseed believes in providing a qualified director who effectively attends to the needs of the children, parents, staff, and conducts systematic evaluations of the success of the program and staff in meeting these objectives.

What’s on the Menu?

Kids and their grown-ups alike love our healthy and delicious meals.

Every day, we create nutritious homemade meals on-site with only fresh fruit and vegetables and quality ingredients.

We strive to create healthy snacks and meals with minimal use of sugar.

We believe that children are at their best with a full belly of nutritious food.